If you haven’t yet heard the new track from Amplive’s solo album, Murder at the Discotek, coming out next year, then step yo game up. For those who have been livin’ under a rock for the past month, check out the video for Gary is a Robot featuring Trackademicks and Mr. Micro. This little dittie has been blowing up on Al Gore’s interweb as of late, and for good reason. Beyond the pretty hilarious shots at Kanye and the auto-tune phase (which the track actually incorporates to great effect), Amp gives his usually perfect blend of unique beat patterns and catchy synth lines.

The running theme of auto-tune and those who follow that trend is widespread throughout the track. Trackademicks’ verse is all about being a leader not a follower in the game, and its clear that they view the current use of atuo-tune as a detriment to hip-hop as opposed to taking it to new heights like Kanye would like to believe .

The video itself is actually really creatively shot. Gary the robot is featured trying to find his place in the cool crowd, imitating the various trends he sees at parties and hip spots. From his trendy Kanye sunglasses to the BBC windbreaker, Gary steps his game up like a pro, illustrating the problems with hip-hop that Trackademicks and Mr. Micro allude to.

Be original. Don’t conform. Now, check out the video here .

Posted by: admin on November 8, 2009 @ 10:01 PM
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