ACT 1: A Thief, A Lesson”

California-based artist, Nathan DeYoung has a great talent for exploring the human condition using explosions of shapes, colors, and subtle uncovered figures. His bio reads like this: Seeking to better understand those around him, Nathan DeYoung offers an inquisitive exploration into the human condition. Using the intimate observations of others as a muse, he creates characters that allow him to fully analyze and interpret those to whom he is closest. By revealing and destroying his characters in frenzies of shape and color, he ventures to grasp, uncover, and expose the often hidden, with the hope that insight into others and their actions will enable a deeper understanding of himself. Nathan DeYoung currently works and studies in San Diego, California.

“O’ Intimacy and the Aftermath”

Displayed here are pieces from Nathan’s series called “Windows & Mirrors”. Painted with acrylick paint on large wood canvas, these pieces are visual interpretations of Nathan’s journal entries with each piece in the series accompanied by a poem. The poems allow Nathan a voice to say everything the paintings couldn’t.

“Conversatwins With Mirrors”

Nathan DeYoung is definitely an artist to look out for. With recent galleries at LA’s Thinkspace, spotlight in Juxtapoz Magazine, and pieces featured in the upcoming Aqua Art Miami in December, DeYoung is continuing to build a name for himself.

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To view the full “Windows & Mirrors” series & to find out more about Nathan DeYoung visit his website

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