Staying true to form, ’Ernest Gonzales’ new EP, Self Awakening, plays with experimental synth lines to invoke an introspective melody. Leading the way towards self-enlightenment is the first track, ‘Self Awakening.’ Like the title suggests, the buildup and retreat of the percussion help to invoke a wide array of emotions. Gonzales takes an unassuming, yet provocative track, throws in the occasional power synth chord and gives it some added authority to create a truly self-awakening track. He is on to something in this EP, as he has effectively created a musical version of an individual’s journey to becoming self-aware. Across the board on the EP, minimal synth lines, combined with effective drum beats make for consistently solid tracks full of heavy emotions. Throw in some awe-inspiring remixes featuring Faunts, Take, and Yppah, Mexicans with Guns, and CYNE, and you’ve got yourself a must-have EP.

Click Here to grab the free track, ‘Self Awakening.’.

For the full EP, Check It Here.

Listen To Ernest Gonzales “Self Awakening”

Posted by: admin on October 23, 2009 @ 1:52 PM
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