Mixing funky-ass beats, intelligent hard hitting rhymes, and glossy guest vocals from the likes of Destani Wolf, Silya, and Aima, the new Crown City Rockers album ‘The Day After Forever’ brings the heat on every track. Just because we can, OM is giving out a free track from the album, called “Astroshocks.” It’s a dope track that highlights CCR’s old-school influences, with MC Raashan Ahmad spitting hot rhymes over percussion-heavy rhythms. Like the rest of the album, the beats on this track are just the right amount of saucy, meaning you can bump this all night and keep a party going. On the contrary, you can kick back, relax and unwind with some of the softer joints on the album like “That’s Life” ft. Jason Jasper. My personal favorite track is “Go Away.” It combines silky smooth background vocals, an R&B-style beat, and socially conscious lyrics. Ahmad throws down super hard across the track, but especially so when he exclaims, “what happen? Everybody yappin’/ Got in my head even took away my passion/ All about the rappin, now about the business/ They don’t go away, now I’m back on my fitness.”

All in all, The Day After Forever is a more-than-solid album that needs to be COPPED RIGHT AWAY.

Click here for the free “Astroshocks” download.

Listen To Crown City Rockers “Astroshocks”.

Posted by: admin on October 21, 2009 @ 4:51 PM
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