Andy Caldwell is back with a new artist album titled, “Obsession”. On the new album, Caldwell drifts away from the soulful sounds that he’s known for and instead draws inspiration from a much more European inspired sound. The deep electro house sound is all over the album. These 10 tracks showcase Caldwell’s pop songwriting skills and features collaborations from Mr. V., Femke, and long time fellow Soulstice member, Gina Rene. “My sound has been changing over the last few years,” Caldwell says. I got more into the electronic sound with the European house scene and wanted to express that in an album. I was really feeling stagnant creatively and broke out of the soulful house shackles about a year ago.”

“Obsession” is now out on iTunes as an exclusive pre-release and hits all over on 10/20. Click here to purchase.

Click Here To Watch The Music Video For Andy Caldwell “It’s Guud”.

Click Here To Download Andy Caldwell Feat. Mr. V “It’s Guud” For Free (Via

Check out Andy Caldwell on Tour.
10/15 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/16 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/17 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/31 – Miami, FL @ The Wall W Hotel
11/3 – Newport, CA @ Focus
11/11 – Los Angeles, CA @ Ecco
11/12 – Sacramento, CA @ The Park
11/14 – San Francisco, CA @ Vessel
12/31 – San Francisco, CA @ City Hall
1/9 – St. Louis, MS @ Sol Lounge

More Dates To Be Announced Shortly.

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