Our in house pixel pusher is salivating right about now. Pantone launches their new iphone app today. You can now take your Pantone book with you on the road and easily access it on your iphone. myPANTONE allows users to extract colors from photos, store color palettes, share palettes with friends, create & discover new hues, and easily use saved color palettes with Adobe Creative Suite. There is even a whole online social network component. Pretty f-ing awesome.

Beyond the common pixel pusher, the app is handy tool for apparel designers, home decorators, and arguments over something being black vs. blue.

This is a pretty amazing app. You can get it on iTunes today or visit Pantone.com to learn more.

Source: Cool Hunting

Posted by: g.win on September 18, 2009 @ 9:36 PM
Posted in: Tech


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