It’s Friday evening and the Om family is about to go throw down tonight at Mezzanine in celebration of 15 years of Om. As we are all prepping for giant disco balls, Metro Area, and Om’s veteran Farina, here is a Friday afternoon article for those of you who are unable to enjoy the festivities tonight. The SF Weekly sat down with our resident wordsmith / VP of “Newish Media”, Gunnar Hissam for a “Where are They Now Segment” in celebration of Om’s 15 year anniversary. Enjoy!


Then: “They were San Francisco’s answer to all that trip-hop shit, the band with a DJ and a female vocalist playing moody jazz- and soul-based music. Their [Om] album was supposed to come out in ‘97, but then they got signed to DreamWorks, who let them go. There’s a whole album, 13 tracks, that nobody ever heard.”

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