Emerging from a bad fall on a skate ramp teetering toward acrylic on some scavenged board cresting the Pacific, a spray paint catechism affixed to his interior cranial wall and a numbered assortment of brushes with an authoritarian media-mix, torn, glued and up to his waste in the Tao of ten thousand fatal strokes.

Reuben Rude’s current work can be described as drawings in paint over re-created time-lapse collage. Clean, sculpted lines meet artificially haphazard texture. These images are the culmination of the strange little doodles from a the backs of a thousand spiral notebooks, made during a thousand 5th period algebra classes . They are made in the spirit of drawing eyeglasses, beard, and devil horns on the historical figures in your American History textbook. Look close, and you’re sure to recognize a friend or enemy.

For more information on Reuben Rude visit reubenrude.com

Posted by: g.win on August 1, 2009 @ 3:17 PM
Posted in: Visual Stimulation


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