Steve Ha, a San Francisco Bay Area creative native, is the brains behind the madness at FlavorInnovator. As a respected and salient Graphic Artist, it’s obvious that the environment, and years of abusing surfaces with aerosol, have definitely influenced his flair. Besides his skill set, it’s the ability to visually transform thoughts into reality that has granted him projects with such notable clients as Adidas, Scion, Om Records, Lyrics Born, Zion-I, and Exact-Science.

Steve is currently working on: expanding FlavorInnovator; stepping into the world of motion graphics with the use of After Effects; perpetuating the need for genuine, artistic elevation in a world overflowing with commercialized waste; and making his daughter proud. Raw art. Pure Fundamentals.

For more information on Steve Ha and Flavor Innovator visit,

Posted by: on February 1, 2009 @ 7:57 AM
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