Los Angeles 6/24/07

The Do Over has been going on for three years strong at a small indoor/outdoor venue called Crane’s Tavern in Hollywood. Thrown by Ubiquity Records own Chris Haycock, Stonesthrows’ Jamie Strong and legendary host mc Aloe Blacc, it has become a staple in any music aficionado’s diet. Going from 2pm to 10ish, you will hear all styles of music ranging from house to hip hop, disco to funk and all those dusty breaks in between, not to mention the great carafe’s of sangria that compliment the sun! Last Sunday, J Boogie and Sake One were invited to represent San Francisco along side of DJ Food (Ninja Tune) and Willow the Glass Lamp Killer (MHE). Check out the pics…

J Boogie and Dj Food
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Sake One is a happy man..
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Boz is all smiles.
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My man Willow working a record from Turkey..
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LA wannabe..
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Crowd shot..
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The Do Over is easily one of the best weely parties I have ever been to in the US. Summertime weather, great people, music and more…Check it out if you ever in LA on a Sunday evening.

Posted by: Jonthecorner on June 26, 2007 @ 11:34 AM
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