Jazzual Suspects with Lincoln and The Grammys

There are times when an artist is so prolific that he has to have several different monikers purely based on how many genres he touches and the amount of music being produced. This is King Kooba aka Colossus aka Beats Department aka the newly formed Jazzual Suspects who has been the talk of the town after being featured on Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 6. The Jazzual Suspects is the brain trust of Charlie Tate, a 6ft 8 South Londener, Bay Area transplant, Chelsea and Oakland A’s fan who can roast the hell out of a lamb shank. The Jazzual Suspects is a new vibe from the colossal one, reminiscing of the new but old acid jazz era of the mid 90’s. Heavy on sampled drums, smooth piano chords and bits and pieces of horns and guitars is laced throughout music that only leads to one thing; infectious head banging. Noticed by KCRW and several other radio personalities, having the number one single downloaded track on the MJ6 album, The Jazzual Suspects were inviting to take part in a music video contest put together by Lincoln, in which the winner’s video would air in a 30 second spot during the commercials at the Grammy’s. As it turns out, Funkin’ Koobad, a song featured on a digital only mix called Downtempo Garden was chosen and we received two produced videos from local directors Noah Harald and Little Red Robots. Check out the videos below and look out for the free download of Funkin’ Koobad after the jump. Stay tuned for more from The Jazzual Suspects including an ep series and full length to be confirmed.

Click here to download a mp3 of Funkin’ Koobad.
Posted by: Jonthecorner on February 25, 2009 @ 12:00 PM
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