Flavor Innovator is the ish....

The truth, the business, the pixels; Flavor Innovator also known as Steve Ha is the dude. I started working with him back in 2002 on my first big hip hop show in the Bay, MF Doom at DNA Lounge. We broke in to the scene together, Steve designed the fliers and i ran and booked the shows. It was a great partnership until the day came when he had so many clients hiring him that i had to wait in line for my designs. Go Flavor Innovator! Time passed, Steve had a monopoly on flyer designs for the Bay Area and i was hired to Om Records. We then started working on album covers and cd projects and he flipped the Zeph & Azeem ‘Rise Up’, J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science ‘Soul Vibrations; and E Da Boss ’Go Left’ 12inch designs for me without a blink of an eye. For me, he is one of the most talented graphic designers that i have ever worked with. To this date, his client list is over a 100 deep ranging from artists like Lyrics Born to clothing companies such a Exact Science as well as building websites; he is the real deal hollyfield. Peep this little in depth interview courtesy of Satva and Vimby.com. Look closely for the jonthecorner appearance living large of 3rd and Townsend. Steve you are the MAN!

Check out the Flavor Innovator Website.
Posted by: Jonthecorner on February 10, 2009 @ 12:19 PM
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