Mushroom Jazz Series

Hey you hardcore Mushroom Jazz heads! We have something cool to offer you. Limited Mushroom Jazz series sets. Featuring the entire series Vol. 1 – 6 on CD + the rare and hard to find promo of Blue Boy “Remember Me” CD Single, a Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 Sticker, and an autographed poster. All of this comes in a limited Mushroom Jazz tote bag, perfect for the trips to the record store, liquor store, or your local herbal pharmaceutical.

Mushroom Jazz has been a series that has forever changed the lives of many individuals. Before there was downtempo, there was Mushroom Jazz. If you are a fan and have the entire series already, here is your chance “to take a hit and pass it on along” to a friend. This is the perfect introduction to the downtempo electronic genre’s oldest mix series.

-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 2 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 3 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 4 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 5 CD
-Autographed Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 Sticker
-Mushroom Jazz Poster
-14"x 14" Mushroom Jazz Tote Bag.

Limited to Only 40 Units
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