As the smells of turkey and pumpkin pie fill the streets, the anticipation mounts as we all wait for the arrival of family members, friends, good meals and some much needed rest. It is only appropriate that with Thanksgiving comes the release of Raashan Ahmad’s newest music video ‘Give Thanks’. True to form, Raashan serves up a healthy helping of feel good hip-hop with this newest video. In the video, Ahmad pays tribute to some historical heroes as he flows in front of a montage of images of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Fredrick Douglass, Malcolm X and many more. With his down to earth vibe and poetic lyrics, Raashan reminds us to not only be thankful for the good times that make us smile, but also for the hardest of times that make us stronger. Raashan wraps up themes of family, friendship and faith in beats and rhymes and we can all be thankful for. Check out this music video if one of the things that you are thankful for is conscious hip-hop music, I know I am! So, while you are indulging in that last slice of pie this weekend, don’t forget to give thanks and check out Raashan’s new video.

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Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 24, 2008 @ 2:25 PM
Posted in: Music


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