Tattoo Om on Your Physique

While here at Om there is no shortage of love going around, there are certain Om fans that go above and beyond to display their love and appreciation for the production of good music. These fans know that the love for quality music that drives Om records is an everlasting type of love. So, they have decided to show their appreciation in an everlasting way, and what is more everlasting than something permanent? And what is more permanent than a tattoo!!?? Check out these pictures of a couple of our most hard core fans, Kaspars Dabra representing Latvia, and Jordan aka ‘The Southerner’ as they show their appreciation and love with Om lotus flower tattoos!

If there are more of you out there like our truest die hard fans in these photos, who have decided to prove your everlasting love for Om records in INK, we would love to show you some appreciation back. In the spirit of dedication, if you send us a picture of your Om lotus tattoo, I (Dfish the lovely Om intern) will get your name tattooed on me!! Okay, okay, I’m just playin!! But, if you send us a picture of your Om lotus tattoo, we will send you some free Om gear! So go ahead and email in your pics for some FREE stuff!!

To see more ink, visit: /galleries/46

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 17, 2008 @ 4:08 PM
Posted in: Style


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