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Artists and Music Community Launch Campaign to Secure Royalties From Over-the-Air Radio

A group of organizations, including SoundExchange, that represent all facets of the music community, have banded together in a coalition called musicFIRST to encourage Congress to right a decades-old wrong in copyright law and grant artists the same performance right in over-the-air radio that they receive from digital platforms. The musicFIRST coalition consists of more than 100 founding artists and several music industry organizations. Find out more at Click here

Big corporate radio is the only medium that refuses to pay performers royalties for their hard work.

The United States is the only western, free-market nation that does not require radio stations to pay artists and labels when they broadcast performances on the terrestrial radio. In fact, when American music is played in foreign countries, they withhold royalties to protest that U.S. radio stations do not honor a performance right for foreign artists. That translates into lost royalties of between $80 million and $100 million annually for U.S. performers.

Next Step

We hope to have hearings in both Houses of Congress beginning in July. We expect this to be a long, hard fight with the National Association of Broadcasters doing everything possible to avoid radio having to pay performance royalties


What you can do is talk to your friends, write letters to newspapers, blog, and contact Members of Congress (from where you live now and from where you grew up) and tell them how, in this age of multiple music platforms, it is important that wherever music is played, the creators of music need to be paid.

Please go to Visit to find out more and get involved.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on June 20, 2007 @ 2:35 PM
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