Home & Garden 'Domesticated' Coming Soon!

Home and Garden Domesticated Release Announcement

Dance music hit making production team Tim Kvasnosky and Timothy Shumaker have teamed up as Home and Garden to write, compose, perform and produce their latest album ‘Domesticated’ which drops September 16. I just got a sneak peak, and the first track, ‘Easy Going Down’ featuring Jennifer Karr jumps right into a light hearted disco dance party vibe that carries through the album. There’s a track on this album to get down to at any time of day and every situation. The title track, ‘Domesticated’ puts a fresh spin on a twist between 70’s disco and the 80s dance music feel that I know and love and takes me back to the days of dancing in my living room in my underwear holding my hairbrush. Track 7, ‘Body and Soul’ featuring Mic Murphy takes me from my living room straight to the club for cocktails and some serious money-maker shakin’ with my girls. This album serves up a new and refreshing sound, and that is why I absolutely love it. Home and Garden’s ‘Domesticated’ is an instant dance classic in my book, take it from my man Mr. T “I pity the fool that doesn’t (love, buy, check out, dig) Home & Garden.” Check it out today.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 16, 2008 @ 11:00 AM
Posted in: Music


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