Mike Monday Catnip Animations

Mike Monday Catnip Animations

Soooo, I have never hopped on the dropping acid band-wagon, but if I did, I hope this is what it would be like. The trippy, weird, and wonderful sounds on Mike Monday’s album Songs Without Words have met their visual match with the crazy colorful, psychedelic artwork of Seb Godfrey of Drunk Park Design and Illustration. The first two episodes of the three part Catnip series have already dropped, and take our cool little blue friend on a mystical adventure through a technicolor musical play land, where he encounters golden pyramids, purple star-lit skies, rainbow tunnels, a flying key board, and many other crazy sights along the way. Never too far behind him, is a very sneaky kitty, always along for the ride. I can’t figure out if the kitty is mean or nice, his sharp fangs are deceiving, but all in all I can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned for episode 3, because like episodes one and two, it is sure to please your ears, eyes, and imagination!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on August 22, 2008 @ 4:44 PM
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