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UPDATE: Widespread Panic tour recap, photos, and hear sets online

Widespread have taken over where the Dead left off with the jams.
I was amazed to see so many heads follow them from show to show!
The Panic are amazing musicians who enjoyed blending out of my DJ
sets – joining in on the turntables and rocking a jam off my last record.
They’re the coolest rocks stars I know, the fans are very open minded
musically and they love to PARTY. Check my top 15 below for a typical
set, or listen to any of the audio links and hear me jam with the band:
Here are some cool photos from the stage, backstage, & crowd shots:
widespread panic pix

Listen to the band jam off of a j boogie tune or check track 12
From the Hult Center Eugene, OR
j boogie jam 1
Check out the j boogie / widespread mashup mix under mi sensei
From The Paramount Theater Seattle, WA 10/06/2007j boogie jam 2
Hear the panic jam out of the j-boogie mix on track 1 or 11
From Loveland, CO: Budweiser Events Center 10/12/07
j boogie jam 3
Listen to track 1 or 12 to hear widespread blend out of boogieFrom Loveland, CO: Budweiser Events Center 10/13/07j boogie jam 4

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