The Swedish synth-pop duo Niki & the Dove takes “The First” off of Brooklyn quartet Body Language’s upcoming album and puts it through a dreamy remix machine: layers of soft pads create an icy mood in which whispery vocals are pitched and glitched. The crooning sample of “girl, you think you’re made of stone / but you’re made of glass” adds extra tenderness to this exquisite remix.

The magic behind this Body Language / Niki & the Dove collab goes way deeper than just a remix: the two synth-pop bands first crossed paths in Austin during SXSW, where they shared a bill. They all instantly clicked and insisted on keeping in touch. Later in the year, when Niki & The Dove came to New York for a show, Ian (the drummer from Body Language) joined the duo to play percussion in their live set. The bromance continued to grow thereafter, and appreciation for each others’ music naturally led to them to remix each other. Then? “Then everyone lived happily ever after,” says Grant of Body Language. And after hearing the fruit of their remix labors, one has no choice but to agree.

Body Language is giving this remix away for free as an exciting first-taste of what they’ve got in store for us this year. The original version of “The First” will be featured on Body Language’s second full-length album, Grammar, slated for release in Summer 2013 on Lavish Habits.


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Posted by: Kathryn on January 31, 2013 @ 12:40 PM
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