San Francisco-bred producer Blackbird Blackbird is best known for his deeply textured, dreamy sounds accompanied by electrifying melodies. Most closely classified with indie/folktronica genres, this prolific composer recently released a highly-acclaimed EP entitled Boracay Planet, but the young music-making-machine doesn’t stop there; he is also continuously releasing a string of top-notch remixes that are sure to get your weekend started right. Scroll down to enjoy!

This poppy Kate Bush cover shifts from a grungy beginning with a gloomy undertone to a soft uplifting melody. With airy vocals conveying a sense of delicacy and strong transitions these harmonies are sure to be pleasing to the ear.

From the beginning, you can’t help but move to this harmonious Rihanna remix. With a catchy melody and dreamy vocals it feels as though you are floating until it brings you back with the sharp trappy hook that never really loses its elegance. The softness tone makes it really easy to fall into adrift.

This mix has a spacious resonance layered with blanketed highs and dark synth lows. Taking the intense vocals of Bjork, chopped and stretched, was very powerful and complemented the essence of Bjorks dark tones very naturally.

From all of the Adele remixes out there this seems to be the most unique complex one I have heard yet. Filled with many boomy/boxy layers this is over all a crisp tune. You definitely won’t get bored listening to this.

This incredibly produced Ginuwine remix has a variety of layers that all compliment one another beautifully. What stands out the most is the incredible build-up accompanied by the high/low distorted vocals, until the beat eventually drops. Varying sounds from trap to electronic, this up beat mix will feed your ears in every way possible.

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Posted by: Kathryn on November 9, 2012 @ 4:47 PM
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