Camoflaug3 was a group that formed out of a cause rather than a musical mission. The two members who go simply by 001 and 002 are electronic music veterans and have been there from the days of when it was simply two (or three turntables), a mixer and a massive sound system hauled into some “not so legal” space.

Fake DJ is the result of this history colliding with a casual conversation about the state of the DJ nation. 001 put his hands to the keyboard and wrote the lyrics and conceptualized the track and 002 hit the studio to pull together the beats. The next ingredient was the vocalist, which had to be a Poet Laureate of sorts, someone who also understood the roots of the music and what was trying to be said. “Robert English was born for this vocal and he nailed it in just two takes, it was just perfect” says 002. The cherry on top was bringing in the legendary DJ Sneak to do the remix. His mix brings out something in the track that only he could, deep groovy bass lines and some essence of his classic You Canʼt Hide from your Bud.

As DJ culture accelerates into the mainstream it has virtually lost all of its history with this new generation of fans, left it behind as a new generation stands on the shoulders of giants, and become giants themselves pushing the architects and creators into the shadows. The musical mission statement is now very clear for Camoflaug3: respect your roots and know your art.

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Posted by: Kathryn on October 31, 2012 @ 11:31 AM
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