Smoke N’ Mirrors released Edit Murphyʼs latest EP today, “Brooklyn Nights,” achieving classic house vibes with glowing synth chords, a soft kick drum, and R&B-style vocals. The effects give the track an echoing quality that perfectly complements its soulful depth.

Fantastic Man spices up “Brooklyn Nights” by adding organic percussion, bass, and delayed keys. The track wanders playfully through a development of subtle build-ups and funky, groovinʼ basslines.

Savileʼs remix stretches out the vocals, creating a slow-building jam perfect for a sunrise set. Weaving in a variety of elements and a meandering synth, his mellow interpretation pulls apart just as smoothly as itʼs built up. In “Beverly Thrills,” Edit Murphy takes a turn for disco as he develops a shimmery atmosphere complete with a short funky bassline loop. He ties it all together with sultry female vocals that add that extra bit of allure to an already glittering dance-floor gem.


1) Brooklyn Nights (Original Mix)
2) Brooklyn Nights (Fantastic Man Remix)
3) Brooklyn Nights (Savile Remix)
4) Beverly Thrills

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Posted by: Kathryn on September 25, 2012 @ 2:37 PM
Posted in: Music


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