Hello Omies!! Just wanted to reach out and make sure that all of our Omies from around the world are friends with us on our social networks. Below are links to the social networks of Om Records as well as some of our closest friends.

Facebook us, tweet at us, pin us, tumble us, share, care, and be aware! We love to interact with our fans, so please don’t hesitate to send us a tweet, a ping, a kiss, a PM or anything that strikes your fancy :) See you on the web…

Om Records
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Om Records Official Facebook
Om Records Soundcloud
Om Records Twitter
Om Records Tumblr
Om Records Pinterest
Instagram @OmRecords

Smoke N’ Mirrors
Smoke N’ Mirrors Webpage
Smoke N’ Mirrors Facebook
Smoke N’ Mirrors Soundcloud
Smoke N’ Mirrors Twitter
Smoke N’ Mirrors Tumblr
Smoke N’ Mirrors Pinterest

Lavish Habits
Lavish Habits Webpage
Lavish Habits Facebook
Lavish Habits Soundcloud
Lavish Habits Twitter
Lavish Habits Tumblr
Lavish Habits Pinterest

dirtybird records
dirtybird Webpage
dirtybird Facebook
dirtybird Twitter
dirtybird Soundcloud
dirtybird Tumblr
dirtybird Pinterest
Instagram: @dirtybirdrecords

Child’s Play
Child’s Play Facebook
Child’s Play Twitter

Posted by: Kathryn on September 20, 2012 @ 10:21 AM
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