Lavish Habits is a new electronic-infused indie label out of San Francisco.

As contemporary music progresses, it’s clear that pop and rock artists are turning to the innovative capabilities of electronics to make unique and exciting music. Lavish Habits aims to highlight artists who have a tendency toward pop and rock with a firm foundation in dance-oriented rhythms. The result is a merging of scenes that bring together the hedonism of dance music and indie hipness.

The label so far has three signees, including two SF-based artists, Blackbird Blackbird and Maus Haus, as well as Brooklyn-based Body Language. Each has their own signature sound that showcase different flavors in indie dance, from Blackbird Blackbird’s dream-infused chillwave, to Maus Haus’s gritty, vintage synth-laden rock, to Body Language’s funky, R&B-flavored jams.

Links to Lavish Habits & Our Artists

Lavish Habits Webpage
Lavish Habits Facebook
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Body Language on Bandcamp
Body Language on Facebook
Body Language on Twitter

Maus Haus on Bandcamp
Maus Haus on Facebook
Maus Haus on Twitter

Blackbird Blackbird on Facebook
Blackbird Blackbird on Soundcloud
Blackbird Blackbird on Bandcamp
Posted by: Kathryn on September 14, 2012 @ 12:32 PM
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