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In “Electric Love”— the video for U.K. electronic pop act DIRTY VEGAS’ new single which makes its premiere today, Tuesday, January 11 on NYLONMAG.COM—actress Jena Malone (The Soloist, Into The Wild, Donnie Darko) is seen as she has never been seen before. Written and produced by photographer James Gooding ( the “Electric Love” video serves as his directorial debut as well as the first visual element from DIRTY VEGAS’ new album—also titled ELECTRIC LOVE—due out April 26 on OM Records. It is also the first of two videos with Jena that will run concurrently over one larger narrative.

Says Jena Malone, “I became involved with the ‘Electric Love’ video through my good friend James Gooding who is an amazing photographer I had collaborated with on a few photo projects. He told me he was directing a music video for the first time and if I’d like to be a part of it; I pretty much said yes without even knowing what it was because I think he has such an amazing eye and I was excited to work with him as a director. I heard the song and thought it was fun and I basically flew to Alabama (where the video was shot) three weeks later.

“James wanted to know if I knew how to pole dance and I told him he was in luck; I just finished working on a film called Sucker Punch, due in the theaters this March and I had to learn a little pole dancing for that,” she adds. “But pole dancing in a dive bar in Alabama with a real audience of men was something I was NOT prepared for! Though I trusted James and I think it turned out really well. I love this video—and how it tells a story beyond the song, or brings the story of the song to a whole new level. It was weird being ‘the pretty girl’ in the music video though!!! That was definitely a first!”

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