Setting the mood to this electrifying evening of events was Oakland Faders own, DJ Platurn; keeping heads busy while in between performances. Longtime Zion I kinsmen Deuce Eclipse displayed his lyrical prowess over Latin/hip-hop grooves. His set had myself, as well as the whole crowd, hypnotized; anticipating what he’ll do next. Switch from English to words in Spanish only added to the drama he brought to the stage. I thought to myself, “how would I classify his sound & presence…” And I thought, a Hip-Hop Carlos Santana.

This is not to take way from Eligh of Living Legend’s performance. His performance was an exhibition of metaphorical meticulousness; unfolding lyrics at autobahn speed with the precision of a sniper. Giving fans a taste on what to expect on his newest album,
“Gray Crow”.

And then the moment we were all waiting for, the Zion I crew step on stage like they were greeting a crowd of friends to a celebration. They were the stars of the night; shaking fans hands showing the continued love for support. Zion I had command over the crowd like train conductors; heads bobbing in hypnosis as they inhale the gifts brought by the legendary Bay Area emcees. Zumbi guided fans on a trip through Zion I classics from their previous releases before they pulled out new bangers from there lastest endeavor, Atomic Clock. The biggest treat was when Amp Live stepped out from behind the turntables and started playing digital tag between his MIDI controller and the crowd which is something I’ve never witnessed at a hip hop show.

Most definitely this was a show in which I was extremely impressed by the entire line-up. Once again they brought the experience of a hip-hop performance to another level; a higher plateau for other acts to strive for. Also, this was a show for fans of all ages, now that’s love!!!

Atomic Clock Release Show @ Slim’s

Posted by: Rob Reason on December 1, 2010 @ 10:50 AM
Posted in: Events


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